Art Games Demos is an evening imagined by Isabelle Arvers and Chloé Desmoineaux, dedicated to exhibiting video works and demonstrating video games in a festive atmosphere. Our aim is to present works by emerging and established local and international artists, with continuous video projections, demonstrations of independent, experimental and artistic video games, as well as live performances, chiptunes and DJ sets. The evening takes place in bars, exhibition spaces, bookshops or any other venue that lends itself to screenings and to welcoming the public in a festive atmosphere. We regularly launch calls for participation open to students, emerging artists, developers, game designers and anyone else wishing to share their creations in the following fields:

video/web based artworks, 2D, 3D, 4D, VR, Machinimas, Glitch, hacks, alt ctrl, indie/expe/in progress video games, installations prototypes, performances, music related to videogames.