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        Hacked LipstickCounter-Strike Offensive, vidéoprojecteur

Lipstrike is the contraction between lipstick and Counter Strike and means to strike/attack/dismantle/meet/light/play with the lips. Created in resonance with the GamerGate controversy and addressing sexism in video games, Lipstrike is a live performance streamed on the TWITCH platform, during which a performer uses a lipstick connected to the computer as a controller to play Counter-Strike . Used during the game, the contact between the skin and the lipstick is like pressing the trigger.

This project was shown at :
Exposition Bouleversement - Alliança francesa de Costa Rica, September to October 2023
Virtual exhibition V-RAL, Lipstrike, Curated by Matteo Bittanti for Milan Machinima Fesival 26/11 to 9/12/2021
Screened at UCLA Games Art Festival curating by UCLA GameLab, Hammer Museum. 2017
Performed at Riam Festival, 2017

Press :
Milan Machinima Festival - Introduced by Luca Miranda
+ Makery
+ Vice

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