S'il vous play is an exhibition of French independent video games we created with Pierre Corbinais for the Institut Français. We wanted to represent the independent video game scene in all its diverse forms, so we included "commercial" games as well as more experimental games, game jams and games made by solo developers.

Part of the kit features a selection of hybrid projects emerging from video games, in the form of workshops
interactive works, concerts/performances and playable installations.

Images tirées de la sélection “Game Art” du kit, pour plus d’informations téléchargez le PDF

The exhibition has already been shown in more than a dozen countries
through the French cultural network abroad:  Colombia, Croatia, Spain, Morocco (Rabat, Tétouan), Mexico, Senegal (Dakar), Tunisia and Algeria. Germany, Guinea-Conakry, Kosovo, Senegal (Ziguinchor) and Uruguay also presented the exhibition.

The exhibition is still available, you can download the kit from the Institut Français website or download the pdf of the game selection here.