Solo Show - Bouleversement - Interferences
Retrospective of my work since 2013
curated by Dos Mares

Alliança Francesa  de Costa Rica 
September/October 2023

“ Approaching video games as a form of artistic reflection involves developing an experimental approach that is constantly at odds with the visual and narrative perspective constructed from established norms and standardized visions of what a game is and what it can do.

Chloé Desmoineaux's work approaches gaming through the lens of dissent, questioning social interactions through technology, gender, identity, interspecies relations and the creation of communities where knowledge exchange is conceived from a techno-feminist practice.

The disdain shown by certain gaming communities when their games are appropriated and pirated by dissidents fighting for social justice bears witness to the society in which we live, and provides a critical reflection on interfaces as cultural artifacts and generative processes.”

Laurent Lebourhis and Ron Reyes (Dos Mares)