Cell Gleaner, Crumb Collector and Memory Recoverer

The Hyper.Local research unit brings together the art schools of Cambrai (Ésac), Valenciennes (Ésad) and Dunkerque - Tourcoing (Esä).

The capitalist discourse on innovation in the video game industry emphasizes speed, performance, powerful hardware, decentralized storage, artificial intelligence, more reality than the real thing (like the Layton site, subtitled Empower your future, which puts "Augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain and cloud gaming, which is driving the rise of game as a service, as priorities for 2022"). Taking the exact opposite view of this definition of innovation, we'll be taking a closer look at independent tools created on the margins, which draw creativity from exploration, open-sourcing and the re-use of pre-existing technology. Tools and games that don't require the latest computers and a dedicated hard drive to use. The constraint of size becomes an integral part of the software's concept, and a call for humble, reasoned creation that is no less inventive and poetic.

This proposal is based on 3 imaginary expressions: Ramasse Miette, Récupérateur de mémoire and Glaneur de cellules (all three of which define an automatic memory management computer subsystem responsible for recycling previously allocated then unused memory.
Remembering, archiving, forgetting, limited storage space... these are just some of the sub-themes explored in the lexical field of memory.

For the occasion, we'll be using "Fantasy consoles" such as PICO 8, a virtual machine
simulating cartridges and 8bit (1 Byte) games, with graphic graphic display is limited to 16 colors, 128x128 pixels;  BITSY online interface for creating and exportin export games in html format, just a few Kb in size.  https://tinytools.directory/  

Below, some of the games and/or stories Bitsy and
alternative controllers from students of the Hyper.Local
wokshop Hyper.Local.
+ Be Kind, Delete par Clément  an endless 3D bitsy game loop that destroys itself as it's played.+ A la ferme de Bibi by Marion -
-- par Antony Novena Like
+ Arpente ta rue par Sterenn  representation
bitsy 3D representation of an architectural layout in which to wander.
+ Find the exit par Elisa : Look for the exit, but the more you move around, the harder it will be to find your way... The rooms are constantly reconfiguring themselves, filling up with data, walls, voids, solids...
+ Galerababos par Jeremy college occupation, collective resource management
+ Clr__tech luca__clr par Chloé non-human, inter-species relationship, Donna Haraway
+ La boucle de Marc  par Anaël Story of a memory that fades and is lost. Glitch.
+ Good Night par Yun Hsuan  A dream that won't wake you up.
+ Routine par Pierre  A quest looms, in the urgency of the meeting Kenny embarks on an inner journey to contain his energy.
+ Rien Carré par Marion  loss of control, finding hidden things in the middle of nothing, disorienting + white-on-white alternative controller
+ Skywa-la-grenouille-et-la-flaque-d-eau
+ The assistant par Solène Gimo is the assistant to a well-known author. His job is to take the new script to the publishers. Unfortunately, he loses the pages. Help Gimo find the pages before it's too late!
+ Une dégustation sans faim par Justine  relationship with body and stomach and social network 
+ Digital Delusion par Margaux et Louis The story of reproducing cells forming a network of communication and exchange. .

On their own or as part of a team, the students created a series of smallgame based on what the theme of energy evoked in them, memory, based on a memory or an  ecological concerns related to their work. During these workshops, we explore various tools and games that don't require the latest that don't require the latest computers or take up too much space.  A part of the workshop was dedicated to opening keyboards, old cables, cardboard and nails, so that anyone who wanted to could build controllers in line with their game/work.  The constraint of size becomes an integral part of the software
concept and a call to humble, reasoned but no less inventive and poetic. I added a little challenge to encourage students to be as minimalist as possible  at the end of the workshop, to record the memory took by  their game on a Low Score board. The spirit of competition and ranking is more of a joke than anything else, since ranking bring nothing more than the possibility of seeing the total weight of all  memory of the games.

The games are currently on display at the Frac Grand Large for the ENERGIES exhibition.

We used the  Velvet Aubry’s Multi-Bitsy hack💎️for the exposition of games.  

Image tirée de la page  - https://www.fracgrandlarge-hdf.fr/expositions/energies/


This lab took place at the École Européenne Supérieure de l'Image (ÉESI) in Poitiers, France, from July 5 to 10, 2021, as part of "Useful Fictions", the arts-design-science summer workshop of the Chaire arts & sciences: one week to implement and practice contemporary questions about our living and technological environments.
Supervisors: Chloé Desmoineaux - Nathalie Guimbretière - Hervé Jolly - Carine Le Malet
Participants: Charles Ayats - Tyler Lutz - Jean-Luc Soret - Yann Trividic

This laboratory-fiction gave shape to a multiplicity of narratives that question, divert and reconfigure notions of face, landscape, portrait and identity, echoing crucial contemporary issues, with six artistic proposals:

- " Distording tales": a documentary installation outlining the technical, methodological, conceptual and historical building blocks, as well as the bibliographical, aesthetic, philosophical and artistic references used in this exploratory workshop.
- "Faces fictions": airborne installation showing a composite face, a blurred portrait of all lab participants.
- " For a psychobotanical approach to faces" (For a psychobotanical approach to faces): interactive device based on "plant" recognition, a hot spot in contemporary research into human-plant cognition.
- "Hidden Faces": a Virtual Reality installation offering an exploratory journey into the reverse side of a face.
- Algorithmic self-portraits": an interactive device in which a deck of cards featuring landscapes, animal and plant figures is used to create a unique musical composition based on shape recognition.
- Face your body": an interactive composite portrait that evolves according to the distance at which we face it.

Here the booklet with a presentation off all the  projects